Haitian Scents Wax Melts

Our great scents in flamless option, or a quick little gift to pack.

Here are the scent options.

Apre Midi "Afternoon" like a beach day out in the afternoon, a soft power floral.

Kremas "Cremas" is a creamy liquor with sweet spices like cinnamon, vanilla and others.

Epis Citron "Citris Herb" that nostalgic scent like a sunday freash and citrus clean home ready for brunch

Cafe Kreme "Vanilla Coffee" Coffee is a major export, added with a sweet touch of vanilla cream

Basen Ble "Blue Lagoon" popular south Haiti swimming spot, so an aquatic scent with sea salt and florals

Lakay Pwovens "Home Country Side" Bamboo grows abundantly and adding a touch of banana