Candle Gift Bundle 2 in 1 Strong Scented Haitian Scents

Curious about the scents of Haiti?
Want a lovely gift for someone (or self-indulge)?

Enjoy getting something cute and lovely 2 in 1 home fragrance.
Pick the sweet and cozy scent of Kremas and Kafe Kreme or the floral and beach of Bassen Ble and Apre Midi.

Each white tin is 6 oz soy coconut mix wax blend\
Mini wax melts in all sets and free mini candle (while limited supplies last).

Kremas: Spicy cinnamon and nutty vanilla
Kafe Kreme: freshly ground coffee, delicate creamy vanilla

Bassen Ble: salty sea, driftwood, rose, jasmine and coriander
Apre Midi: Orange blossom, lavender, jasmine, rose and a hint musk